De.Lite Reflector DE Double Ended

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Introducing De.Lite Double Ended reflector. De.Lite comes pre-mounted with double ended sockets, and works with 1000W Interlux Double Ended lamps (and most other brands). With his sturdy steel housing and German aluminum hammertone reflective, this state-of-the-art reflector offers high efficient Double Ended Technology, De.Lite also comes pre-wired with a 15' cord and a standard ballast plug to work with most popular ballast brands. Side-effects include: Maximum vegetative growth & better flower yield.

- Pre-mounted double ended sockets included
- Works with 1000W Interlux Double ended lamps and most other brands.
- Sturdy steel housing & German aluminum hammertone reflective.
- Highly Efficient Double Ended Technology
- Pre-wired 15’ cord with Standard ballast plug to work with most popular brand ballasts.

Measurement: 18''x9.5''x5.5''