Centurion Pro Gladiator Trimmer (WET / DRY) w/ Electropolished Tumblers

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Centurion Gladiator Trimmer with Electropolished Wet and Dry Tumblers utilizing a 220V Blower.
The smallest industrial machine on the market, built for large industrial operations.
Twice the cutting capacity as the CenturionPro.
Single 7 amp, 120 volt motor drives both cutting reels and both tumblers (first single motor double tumbler machine of its kind in the industry).
Industrial 4 hp blower for maximum efficiency.
Delivers over 75,000 cuts per minute and will process 16-24lbs dry (80-120lbs wet) material per hour.
Very convenient large capacity hopper that folds and is easy to store.
Dimensions: L 30''

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