HIGH5 Grey 1400 Pelican Case E-Nail (Single Coil)

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The HIGH5 1400 Pelican Case Enail is ideal for travelling with a small, medium and even large sized rigs, nails and other essential oil accessories. HIGH5's 1400 Pelican Case Enail is 2x-3x more affordable than similar products currently on the market. The HIGH5 1400 Pelican Case Enail includes a MyPin digital temperature controller, one power cord and one coil heater all in a durable and authentic 1400 Pelican carrying case. We only use the original American Made Pelican Case for our Pelican Case Enails no substitutes! These are made by HIGH5 and are not associated with Disorderly Conduction PeliNails. The coiled heater is wired for 120 watts and the coil size comes in your choice of Flat, 16mm or 20mm. The coiled heater's sheath is covered in high quality, non-flammable kevlar for safety and flexibility. Exactly the same as the Aqua Lab Technologies Pelinail but much