HIGH5 Red Dual E-Nail

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The HIGH5 Dual E-nail is ideal for dab lounges, dab bars, events, cups, collectives, seshing with friends, parties and a lot more. HIGH5's Dual E-nail is cheaper than some single coil units currently on the market....think about that for a minute. The HIGH5 Dual E-nail includes one power cord, two coils and two digital displays. The coiled heater is wired for 120 watts and the coil size comes in your choice of Flat, 16mm or 20mm. The coiled heater's sheath is covered in high quality, non-flammable kevlar for safety and flexibility. The temperature for each coil can be seperately controlled and you can seperately turn each coil ON/OFF. Whether you are having a sesh alone or with a friend our Dual Enail is ideal for both occasions. The HIGH5 Dual E-nail pays for itself. Forget the feeling of disappointment when you run out of butane and have to go to the store, with the HIGH5 Dual E-nail those days are long gone. Dual Enail dimensions in inches: 6(L) x 9(W) x 2(H).