Magic Flight Car Adapter

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Take your Launch Box on road trips with this Car Accessory for your Power Adapter.  It works with any cigarette lighter power source (auto, RV camper, generator, solar panel, etc.). Simply use the Car Accessory to connect your car’s 12V port to your Power Adapter (sold separately) to extend the capability of your Launch Box beyond the confines of your home.


This Car Accessory can also be used with your Battery Charger to ensure that your NiMH AA Batteries will be ready to go for any outdoor excursions you might encounter on your journey. While our Car Accessory can be purchased by itself here, it is also included in our Power Adapter 2.1 kit.  However you acquire it, this handy accessory will keep you in flight no matter where you go.




Your purchase includes:


     - One Car Accessory (for Power Adapter)