Ooze Weeper Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit

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  • $60

Ooze Weeper Water Bubbler Vaporizer Kit features a hand blown glass water bubbler made with a percolator for cooler and smoother hits. It features our dual QUARTZ titanium splash guard coil. Ooze Splash guard coils are designed for optimal airflow and to avoid the mess of excess splatter.  The Weeper is the most budget friendly option when it comes to the bubbler vaporizer kits.
  • - Weeper Glass Attachment
  • - 2 Splash Guard Quartz Glass Coils
  • - Splash Guard Basement
  • - 650 mAh Battery
  • - Carrying Case
  • - 5” Non Stick Dabber Tool
  • - Silicone Container
  • - USB Charger
  • - Instructions